We are all citizens. We all benefit from public services and the protection of the state. In return, we are all asked to contribute to our common well being—we pay taxes.
But can you afford the tax rates in your country? Or maybe you just find them unfair? After all, why do some people pay far fewer taxes? Tax havens have strict policies that require residency. You have to be extremely rich to join this club which pushes it beyond the reach of most of us. is the tax citizenship programme that treats everyone equally, regardless of how much you own. is a sovereign platform that offers you the opportunity to become a tax citizen. This is a status that is internationally recognised, and that is open for everyone to apply. Access to the stream of your personal data is the main criteria for qualification.
All you need to do is present us with your Self Identification Number. This links the records of your past and present activities allowing us to evaluate your application.—the tax citizenship programme. It’s about who you really are. posters

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